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Using music to empower & inspire the next generation.

Designed to encourage the next generation to speak out about their hopes and aspirations through music.

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By combining the elements of hip-hop break-dance, graffiti, emceeing and Djing knowledge, we have developed a unique and exciting way to allow our young people to do just that and express to the city and to the world what Hull people have to offer.

As Hull was the UK’s City of Culture 2017, what better time to launch the Beats Bus!

A major partner of the city of culture kindly donated a mobile sales unit which renowned graffiti artist Si2 has transformed into the Beats Bus you see today.

Inside you will find a mobile recording studio to record and the chance to communicate the music you create to people across the city.

Beats Bus Funders - UnLtd
Beats Bus Funders - Youth Music Incubator
Beats Bus Funders - Paul Hamlyn Foundation
Beats Bus Funders - The Tudor Trust

"Unltd are very proud to support Beats Bus in the excellent work they do. We are looking forward to seeing their partnership develop with St Stephens in the East Hull area with our support. It is proven their work makes a difference looking at the great track record they have."

Youth Music Incubator

"Youth Music are thrilled to support Beats Bus through our Incubator Fund. Beats Bus provide an unrivalled offer for young people at risk of offending in Hull, and we look forward to seeing young people take the first steps into music industry careers with their support."

Paul Hamlyn Foundation

"The Ideas and Pioneers Fund supports people to explore new ideas for creating change. In trying to stop systems of failure by supporting young people through alternative career paths, the Beats Bus team have a pioneering approach to targeting the ‘prison pipeline’. Their energy and encouragement to other grantees in the Fund is second to none, and we can’t wait to see the progress they make on their idea."

The Tudor Trust

"The Tudor Trust made a grant to Beats Bus because we really like the ethos of the organisation and the way the Beats Bus team work with young people in a way which builds on their strengths and which helps open them up to new experiences and possibilities. Beats Bus’s power and authenticity is grounded in its ‘rootedness’ both in lived experience and in Hull – and this contributes to the positive way young people respond to their work."

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Meet our Tutors

beats bus - steve arnott

Steve "Redeye" Arnott

Project Manager/Hip-hop History/Song Tutor​

beats bus - tutor Full Flava

Dave "DJ Redlocz" Okwesia

Breakdancing Tutor

Nigel "Playaone" Taylor

Learning & Development/Production Tutor

beats bus - tutor Nick Horsefield Si2

Nic "SI2" Horsefield

Graffiti Tutor

beats bus - tutor Paul Clark

Paul "MC Clarkie" Clark

Learning & Development/Production Tutor

Current Projects and Campaigns

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No More County Lines

The 2nd part of a trio-logy to say NO MORE. No more pain, no more suffering!

A fully animated educational music video warning the next generation about the dangers of getting involved in the lifestyle of gangs and crime.

A continuing collaboration between Beats Bus, INIT Creative and the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Humberside.

Part of a Not In Our Community campaign, that raises awareness of grooming and child exploitation.

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No More Knives

Beats bus records have just released their “No More Knives” music video to change lives and put a stop to the violence we are witnessing in society today.

  1. Prevention is as important as intervention.
  2. Intervention is as important as prevention.

A few words from our patrons

Sean McAllister - Beats Bus Patron
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Jude Habib - Beats Bus Patron
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Lucy Beaumont - beats bus patron
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Easy Access to a Studio

Helping people access a studio otherwise unable to, also to show and teach the elements of hip-hop, which are DJing, Graffiti, Breakdancing, MCing/Song writing and knowledge.

Mobile & Professional

Mobile and professional nothing less.

Professional Recording & Mixing

Recorded in our mobile studio with help from professional sound engineers, then mixed, mastered and featured an a CD with other local artists.