Catalyst Week 1: 19th February 2021

Tuesday 12.30pm

Today we did a workshop architect of participation it is focussed on shareholders and using our problem statement to roll out our mentorship programme. We are looking at the process of setting up the mentorship so it is fully accessible and as easy as possible. We learnt about the zombie garden where to park your undeveloped ideas on the back burner i:e our volunteers are not active at the moment but will be as we become more busy when our business picks up and our app is developed their services will be required, and also we want to develop a monthly online newsletter to be available on our website.

We discussed about designing systems for user contribution for internal and external stakeholders

We talked about the big idea – to have a clear mission and an invitation to participate.

1 Mission for the project/reason for 

We intend to…

2 How we are going to tell people we exist 

List of people 

Specific ways that we engage people 

3 Work on a project so people are easy to get on board helps us think about what you can do to help people participate in applying. Make it really easy to get started/involved. Make it modular so that volunteers have to commit to helping with every stage or a wat in which they can contribute to using their skills and knowledge and interests to contribute to the project.

Making the process as easy as possible.

Place to meet specific time and place 

On board the one link that takes them direct to the information source/where to go to find out 

How can they get involved and contribute to the project (be an asset not just a digit)

Strong Leadership

Creating diversity

Tuesday 2.30pm

Steps of Engagement

Think about the people i:e content creators and content users

  1. Awareness- someone should be aware of the service you are offering them directing information at them 
  2. Clicking through a blog post is first action outside of initial awareness

At the end of the blog post the viewer can hear or see what has been made or built.

Map out examples of ways to be able to be able to engage people and design tech for that group for usage.

Ways of working openly

Make your work public, share on social media, keep the community informed, have monthly updates on websites.

  • Openness is a documenting how your project is open 
  • Anyone can go inviting people to talk on a platform
  • Telling people where they can find you and what to expect 
  • Background watercolours
  • Finding ways of people to be to get involved aspace to come 
  • Celebration of Milestones 
  • Making sure you are recognizing other people individual contribution

Lean notes

Project you worked on:

  • Artwaves online festival

Event that happened:

  • Power cut

Another thing that happened:

  • Although Steve couldn’t continue the workshop was very successful.

Things that happened this week

  1. Tudor trust funding

We received 2 years support to continue the free mentorships we run for young people in our area.

  1. Youth music incubator

We launched our recruitment phase of the youth music incubator fund we received in January

  1. 121 user research sessions booked

We booked our 121 meetings with the Beats Bus Juniors to start our online mentorship user research.

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

Good things

Receiving support for our core mentorships.


Trying to forecast this year’s projected work with all the different lockdown announcements.


We are training everyday physically and mentally.

Shortlisted for the “Welcome Award” at expert citizens event 2021 (Stoke)

Learned things

We are capable of doing more than we realise.

How to create our stakeholder map.

How to be more Tech savvy.

Overarching feeling of the week

Need match funding for security.

Waiting for gyms to open to train.


Artwaves festival 

Sorting Beats Bus insurances.

Having a weekend break.

Some puzzles 

Match funding we need to research it more we made some enquiries but nothing solidified.

Lesson for the week is to not underestimate our ability and to think clearly.

Stretching Questions

What did you experiment with?

We experimented with diagrams and storyboarding for our new music video. 

We experimented with the notion board and created our stakeholder map.

What was hard?

Thinking and visualising how the graffiti will look as a backdrop in the video and

prioritising how we work with people and devising methods to make everything more accessible and user friendly.

What was fun? 

Having a laugh and joke but at the same time learning with a bunch of like minded people. We fully enjoy Mr Mathers comical sketches they really help to hit the point home during the session cool down evaluation.

What did you learn?

How to investigate more in depths processes and new software tools that have helped us a great deal with our learning and planning. Not every idea has to be actioned immediately thus remembering “the zombie bin”

Who did you talk to outside your organisation?

People who have been on the Catalyst training

Our website designers have been keeping them informed and updated on the changes that we will be making.

Spoke to our funders and board members to arrange a meeting for next week.

What would you have liked to do more of?

Get in our new studio and make music apply some time to self learn through the University of YouTube viewing  music and video tutorials.

Plan more business trips for R&D and future planning.

What do you wish you could have changed?

The weather and lockdown being lifted.

What did you enjoy?

  • Our online training sessions working out at home 
  • Seeing family and friends in the bubble and beats bus kids in the zoom room.

What are you looking forward to next week?

  • Receiving good news about funding 
  • 1st meeting with Tudor Trust 
  • Preview of our new music video based on County Lines
  • More planning for projects (Catalyst)

The anti-structure

It’s been a great week very productive we have learnt lots of new communication skills to do with users of our services content creators and content users l we have got some studio time booked in Sunday and Monday to create some new work for our record label the sun is shining feeling great about the weather spiritually feeling great it’s amazing how much the weather can play a part in how you feel it seems as if it is timed right with the lifting of the national lockdown it feels like a new season it should be called free season.

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