Catalyst Week 3: 5th March 2021

Tuesday 12.30pm

Today Laura opened up with a great quote “Content is King Queen and everything in between”

We discussed how important content is and took the following notes.

What is content?

We visualised the wheel of content this could be web blogs, webinars, blog posts, emails, newsletters or videos.

Think about personas spectrum and what content you are offering.

Having a basic engagement technique can be off putting and can switch off people when webcamming them, people who already know about subject and tools can get bored at the beginning.

Voice and tone we have our own voice and style harmonious way of working so use this in your presentation. 

Start off with blogs 

Writing Blogs is an easy way to share your work.

Content defining our ways through our findings and working.

Audio/podcasts – not all people read so have other options.

Content Strategy

This is the way we are seen on Twitter or Facebook

5 steps to content strategy

Content plan when, what, how, which, why? make sure you know how plan to get things out there.

Make sure you know what users need and care about (personas spectrum).

Once decided what users need, look at what you currently have.

1st we have this 

2nd needs updating spend time 

3rd Don’t have nothing or do we need to create from scratch.

Production Plan

Decide on users and personas decide how to get content users. 

Use a wheel of content e.g like webinar, web page or Facebook page multi channel strategy.

Decide who’s going to do it when are they available to do it (cannot always trust social media stats/feedback there is a difference to what Twitter and Instagram offer) 

Would they sign up to a newsletter? 

Plant a tree to measure progress or involvement rather then an insta Twitter stats.

Who is responsible for content making?

When is it going to go out (bulletin)

Where is it on the website or twitter and what it looks like.

Work on an open Jamboard showing a list of tasks/ production workflow so we are able to see where people may get stuck or approach difficulty.

Go back and look at personas spectrum use findings to work out plan.

Content Plan

Decide on what you need to keep loose or update.

Look at who is responsible. 

Performance Measures.

Focus your mind on who your audience is? 

What you are creating and why?

Personas Spectrum – focus on one group of people – user focus comes later on the variations and specific needs of one person.  

Tuesday 2.30pm

In this session we designed our Ecosystem to look at our internal processes.


Eco System 


Go from discussion to definition.

How to make stakeholders aware of how things are working and operations.

Use to swap, chop and change things along the line.

Interim organisation and communication tool.

Focus on what people/staff can consume easier.

Different tools and platforms to use-get in, one is better than using many.




Think of all tools you use and put in favourite emojis to describe them.

Thursday 2.30pm

Week 3


How’s everyone feeling then nominate someone

Some notes for progress

Add rest of information onto our playback deck for feedback.

Look at what we’ve been doing

Spend 1st session what we are mapping 

What is the landscape of our problem

Make better decisions more quickly

Playback templates 

A slide of slides that pull everything together play to funders,supporters etc.

Mapping the landscape looking down and trying to define it.

Put your own organisation logo on these, some people know its your playback…

Things have been washing since the last time we spoke and the things we found tricky.

Different personas spectrums


Someone blind from birth

Recovering from eye surgery 

Blind from screen glare

How can we meet the need for all those people?

What we are adding to our practices

We are working sharing our stuff more openly on twitter.


Taking app made information

List discussing, findings for conversation.

Transfer results onto more online mentorships

Stretching Questions

What did you experiment with?

We created our Ecosystem for Beats Bus using Miro, we had a look at alternate too to look at different options for software, we conducted some 121 user research sessions and looked at our persona spectrums of our cohort.

What was hard?

Discussing the different needs of the young people we work with, trying to organise studio time with current restrictions still in place, trying to communicate via email with the new Youth Music cohort had to rethink and create a whatsapp group.

We also had to juggle a few things that we didn’t envisage and at the end of the week we felt a little burnt out.

What was fun? 

We had our 2nd Group session with the Youth Music cohort and it was great to get to know them all a bit better, Kids weekly meeting is always fun, meeting new people online at some webinars and event sessions, getting excited about our new animated music video coming out soon.

What did you learn?

The pen is mightier than the sword the more you blog the easier it becomes as you are writing, teamwork and communication are key for productive outcomes, knowing your roles and responsibilities is important within your organisation.

Who did you talk to outside your organisation?

We spoke to a new network of organisations as there is a new fund open for the Hull area and we also had 121 sessions to find out about it in more depth, we spoke to city art’s department regarding future work in our local area with our Beats Bus vehicle.

What would you have liked to do more of?


What do you wish you could have changed?

We wish we wasn’t stuck in the house doing online training when the sun was shining outside.

What are you looking forward to next week?

Next week we are looking forward to our 121 sessions with the Youth Music cohort, we are looking forward to having a physical sit down with all our partners at the Albermarle music centre and we are awaiting news on the Stephen LLoyd fund we applied for in 2020.

BB Stream of consciousness 

Don’t spend too much time thinking about the what if, if you have an idea, vision or thought just go for it. Do some user research and give it a go if it doesn’t work go for the next idea. Make time for yourself for your own wellbeing whether that be going for a walk or exercising at home. Until the gym reopens it is important to keep your chimp at bay so you have better control over it, don’t let it start your day for you on the wrong foot!! 

In this time of Lockdown we hope coming out of it has taught us a few lessons and we as a human race like to think that things are changing for the better. As we move towards a new world era, we do question “are things getting better or becoming worse”. 

We all strive for equal rights but witness blatant crime against the human race played out for all to see but no justice has been done. It’s as if they can commit atrocities and walk all over the victim who isn’t receiving justice.  On a positive note we pray for a better day. We give thanks for being part of the change to make this world a better place. We hope that in this tale good will prevail over evil.  

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