Catalyst Week 2: 26th February 2021

Tuesday 12.30pm

Catalyst Deeper Event - Designing Human Connection in Digital Services

Today we did our Catalyst Deeper event.

Introduction: Self handshake or if you have a cuppa it up and says cheese.

20 secs gallery view to look closely at the individual people we are sharing the session with.

Social research exercise count how many was okay with the exercise by a thumbs up.

We discussed about Human interaction: the 3 golden Rules to apply and consider in your own digital services to optimise human connection.

We used 3 emojis to share as much as little about yourself.

We had pop in groups of 3 Breakout Room.

Thursday 12.30pm

Share name and 3 emojis and problems trying to solve.

On using whatsapp we used 3 emojis used to tell our regular moods and introduction and problems to make our online mentorships as good as our offline ones. 

We need to  Make it more accessible so that other people can benefit widely.

The Problem Deeper is trying to solve

Start with the fact introducing the problem and how serious it is


Loneliness is as severe as smoking and obesity and the regularity of human interaction leads to living a longer life.

Digital services though embedded in our society the systems we use and rely on in our everyday lives.

Digital services are stopping us reacting.

Digital has to weave in human connection into their services. 

Companies needing to do this make relationships or experiences driving factors learn to play drawn in while remaining there.

Flexible Human Connection feelings of belonging to the Oxytocin release went to do it again.

If we focus on the technical services rather than the types of reaction mediated by digital but if the technical services fail then you’re out.

We learnt that services that are designed for high human connection and human connection opportunities. Providing a gateway but not making it mandatory and cater for everyone’s needs and motivation at different points Present Human Connection Methods formal and informal heighten presence of people involve


High degrees of levels of equality to people using your service.


Remove accountability, we behave in different ways. 

We need to be there because people who are using our services have a vested interest.


Choice about what they did and how they do it

Service deliverers

All the methods found out ways of reducing separation to people using services

Is this going to bring us closer together or drift us further apart.

Dos and don’ts about human connection


Going through transition periods but a better way using digital can help interaction, e.g positive online connection.

Counting down journey time. 

Save on petrol expenses. 

Lots of digital challenges you can overcome.

Help us provide a better service.


The right conditions are presence equality autonomy accountability wholeself.

Things we need to do

Design our service

Map of precovid …. Map of post covid

3 Golden Rules

Are we really heard? Repeat back what people have said sounds weird but it’s not to their person.

Eliza played back what people said loved it even though it was negative sometime.

Is there room for human digital connection. 


Slow it down include using audio clips/video clips  etc as much replicated contact as possible 

Useful information


When you ask for something always give back something.

Human connection is our thing. In our practice, we learnt a lot of extra ways how to connect and recognise the importance of it and used it.

Find the right tool to chase up software companies, even hardware give-aways from sponsors.

Just because it’s popular it doesn’t mean it’s the right tool for the job.

When thinking about tools and technology, focus on it. Is it easy to get in and out?

Type of thing to have to create a login can take a lot of time and messing around can be off putting.

Think about in and out quick and easy applications.

We E.g (Catalyst) Used zoom because it’s a good tool for the break out room facility.

Access doesn’t matter which device you use on your phone or laptop.

Rely on google stuff cos it’s just works 

Things to ask ourselves

Pricing structure if 3 people can we all pay and use it.

Technical expertise use own platform or theirs.

How easy Alternative to type in software and it gives you alternative program you can use to doing the same one 

Useful Tools

Advertise Business-Useful to know these websites for tech.

Newsletter -Absence sites -Devise Discovery website.

Open Design Kit -Infinity Mapping/Diagram.

Open Practice

Meaty library of methodologies.

Stretching Questions

What did you experiment with?

We experimented with recording and delivering tutorials online through part video part live at Artwaves online festival, we experimented with a new software called Miro to create our Ecosystem and we also experimented with a promotional campaign on FB live leading up to our online workshops.

What was hard?

Trying to split our time between work, family, church, self development and Beats Bus kids. 

What was fun? 

Hosting an online festival and our weekly zoom check in with the young people, studio time (only on a 121 basis at the moment), personal studio time preparing and recording new material, Youth Music incubator 1st zoom session with successful applicants.

What did you learn?

That Human connection is really important in our work and also in the design of our online mentorship.

Who did you talk to outside your organisation?

Our funders about progress going forward after COVID                                                       

Local music hub where are studio is based                                                                                                             

Press and media why our Princes Trust funding was cancelled,                                                 

Our new 5 members of Beats Bus for the next 12 months,                                   

Local youth justice service in Grimsby to arrange some 121 support work                                       

We attended and spoke at some webinars involving some new local funding. 

What would you have liked to do more of?

Meeting people physical instead of online all of the time.

Personal studio time

What do you wish you could have changed?

A bit more time to deliver our workshops at the Artwaves festival as they seem to finish too quickly and we could have explained things more thoroughly with a bit more time.

What did you enjoy?

Online festival

Weekly zoom kids meeting 

Meeting with Youth Music successful applicants

Preparing videos and tutorials for the online workshops

Recording music and 121 sessions with our students

What are you looking forward to next week?

Developing our online mentorship a bit more, recording new online tutorials for our website and mentorship, planning a business trip when lockdown eases.

BB stream of consciousness 

This week has been a learning curve. We fully committed ourselves to do a lot of learning and we didn’t have much spare time for anything else. Sometimes things just have to be done one at a time rather than trying to do a million things at once. Over The Number of weeks one thing that we have learnt is not to let go of the natural connections that we have. Yes we are heading to a mass digital age reset but we can still hold on to the human contact and behaviour that we possess. The processes of how we adapt relate and carry out our everyday chores and work related tasks. They can be thought out and applied using a system that works for all and a function that has made work and life a more smoother ride without feeling like you are on that hamster wheel chasing your tail. It’s all about making it work for you. Taking advantage of existing systems that have been proven to work and stand the test of time and continually work to make our lives easier. We are feeling very confident in the work we are delivering and our faith in the Lord strengthens that confidence everyday we are blessed, summer is coming so let your love pour in and top yourself up on that feel good Vitamin D.   

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