My personal story on BBC Look North

beats-bus - David Okwesia bbc interview

David Okwesia Redlocz speaks openly about the race problem black lives matter and the racism he encountered from a teacher at school at the age of 10 years old.

“All the incidents I have had, if I was to talk about all of them it would just seem as I was complaining all the time.”

Now using HipHop with as a vehicle for positive change in hard to reach communities.

“I use my music, my arts, I used my creativity to put back in the community.”

Find out more about the work he does with the Beats Bus and the positive impact they are having with support from their community, Mark Ronson (Musician, DJ, Record producer), Sean McAllister (A Northern Soul, Syrian Love Story), Micheal Seen (Actor, political activist) and more.

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