Exciting news!
Beats Bus Records has been funded by Humberside OPCC to create a new full-length documentary called
"Change the Track."

This upcoming film will showcase the transformative power of music in helping to bring a positive change within communities.

Stay tuned for its release and join us on this inspiring journey to make a difference, one beat at a time!

Thanks for the Support: We have bought a new vehicle for Beats Bus Records!

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve acquired a new vehicle!

After receiving funding from the Humberside OPCC, Hull City Council and the general public we launched our new Beats Bus on 11 May 2024. Stay tuned for more updates!

The Hull Truck Theatre Open Day

The Hull Truck Theatre Open Day in association with the Albemarle Music Centre was  wonderful.

Showcases and performances were taken part throughout the day. Young people and families had the chance to participate in the various workshops that were on offer by the partners.This was the first time the facilitators have provided workshops to the public from the new Beats Bus which was very well received.

The Power Of We

The Power Of We is a collaboration with Redeyefeenix and the Stigma Free Futures design crew in partnership with the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and filming by the brilliant INIT creative.

It has been created to raise awareness about the harm Stigma can cause to our fellow brothers and sisters in the world. We want to send out a message that it is not OK, you don’t have to suffer and you are not alone. It is time to stand up and say NO! We have had enough! BE WITH, SHARE WITH, STAND STRONG WITH EACH OTHER! SUFFER WITH, HURT WITH, COMPARE WITH YOUR SISTERS AND BROTHERS! Stigma sucks and its time to eradicate it Peace!!

Beats Bus Records received a new award!