Tuesday 24th Jan 7pm-9pm West Park

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A screening of our animated educational music video warning the next generation about the dangers of getting involved in the lifestyle of gangs and crime this is the 2nd part of a trio-logy to say NO MORE no more pain no more suffering we at Beats Bus Records stand up for what is right and to protect our Youngers not use or abuse them. Listen to the message and educate yourselves and your family to how dangerous County Lines are keep each other safe and don’t forget eachoneteachone is how to overcome educate the masses whatever your craft is!! Love, peace and unity, let there be peace in your community!!

Special thanks to illustrators Evie Hurst and Alicia Abbott and Christina Gabbitas of Poems and Pictures Ltd for use of characters, Init Creative for their brilliant work as always and Rachel Cook and the Humberside PCC office for funding the project.