Youth Music Incubator Fund

We are pleased to announce that Beats Bus Records have received support from the Youth Music Incubator Fund!

The funding will enable Beats Bus to offer five personalised mentorships for 18-25 year old so they can develop themselves into artists or tutors within the arts and music industry.

Beats Bus will also help them build their own portfolio and create networks with other professionals with the aim of offering a job role within their organisation and staging their own festival!

This project is supported by Youth Music’s Incubator Fund, thanks to funding from players of People’s Postcode Lottery.

Please feel free to use this press release to forward on to your contacts and partners within your network and if you would like to contact Beats Bus for interviews or further information you can:

The Transformation of Connor Phelan at Beats Bus Records

Connor Phelan, a talented music producer with a Master's in Music
Production, embarked on a challenging journey when he joined Beats
Bus Records. Despite his undeniable potential, Connor was grappling
with severe anxiety, eating disorders, and even suicidal thoughts,
presenting a formidable hurdle for both his personal and professional


Connor first stepped into Beats Bus Records, his mental health
struggles were evident, overshadowing his remarkable skills in music
production. Recognising his potential and realising the need for a
holistic approach, the management at Beats Bus decided to take
proactive steps to support Connor.

Bus conducted a thorough assessment of Connor's needs and situation.
Understanding the importance of addressing both mental health and
professional development, the team devised a bespoke mentorship
program. Recognising the correlation between physical well-being and
mental health, Beats Bus tutor encouraged Connor to join a gym and
even picked him up and dropped him off for every session to ensure
his attendance.

and Job Realignment:

the gravity of Connor's mental health challenges, Beats Bus arranged
counselling sessions to provide him with the necessary emotional
support. Simultaneously, recognising that a shift to a more
creatively fulfilling role was essential, Beats Bus helped Connor
find a job more aligned with his passion and creativity within the
music industry at Vulcan Sports Academy.

Completion and Album Release:

the support of his newfound mentorship and a tailored work
environment, Connor was able to focus and complete existing projects.
The positive atmosphere at Beats Bus Records allowed him to channel
his creativity effectively, leading to the successful release of his
first solo album.